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#1 2007-03-24 22:08:18

Hey! My Comment Just Got Deleted! What Gives?

Now that the forums are up, we are going to start being more aggressive with our comment moderation on the Dig Your Own Grave posts. The most important thing to remember is that your comments should be about the post. If you have something off-topic you want to say, start a new thread in the Conversation Forum or the Shenanigans Forum.

Here are some common reasons why your comments might have been deleted:

Your comment is not about the post.

Your comment has too many spelling and/or grammatical errors, no caps, all caps, etc.

You are spamming to try and get a yack badge, or spamming in general.

You are flaming another user, or being generally unpleasant.

The only point of your comment is to inform everyone that the content of the post is "old" and that you've seen/played it before.

Don't comment on a game to complain about Rankosaurus.
Everything that needs to be said about Rankosaurus is covered in this thread.

Also, if you post a comment in response to a comment that we are going to delete, we'll naturally have to delete your comment as well. So if you see a comment that you know is going to get deleted because it is breaking these rules, please don't bother to respond. You're just making more work for us! smile

The Cleaning Staff

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