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#1 2010-07-15 19:21:17

Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Welcome, chums, to my first Mafia.
Standard rules apply, as you can see, but I'd recommend everyone read through them as there are a few edits and additions:

Rules of the Game

- The game time like every other Mafia will take place in two segments, Day and Night.

- The game will begin at Night Zero, at this time the Head Saboteur will alert me of their second in command and of the first Mafia target. The story itself will begin after this first kill, and during the vote that Day the Head Adventurer’s ability becomes active. The Tracker’s and Soldier’s abilities become active that Night.

- When all action PM’s are received, or after a certain amount of time (which will be specified should there be the need) the Night will continue into Day in which all actions will be revealed. This includes kills, saves, and identities of those killed (and their allegiance(s)) and a clue, pointing to the killer. In some instances there may also be a clue about the clue. This means there will be something in the clue that points to how you should look at the clue. Should there be a picture involved, for example, that would probably suggest the clue relates to the perpetrator’s avatar. I promise it won’t get any more convoluted than that though. Once the clue is posted, all players (including ALL roles) may participate in a vote to determine who the killer is. When a majority is reached another post will be made detailing the kill and the allegiance of the person killed, and then Night will resume. This pattern will continue until a win occurs.

-Discussion of Mafia may ONLY occur within the mafia topic. Obviously I can’t always be there to enforce this rule, but I expect you to behave your damn selves. ANY REVEALING OF YOUR ROLE TO ANY INDIVIDUAL WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE GAME, EXCEPT IN SITUATIONS I SET FORTH.

- PLEASE remain active within the game. A mafia game is only successful if every member who signed up participates. This really requires minimal effort (10-15 minutes a day is more than enough to be a “good” player) - inactivity will result in a Host-Kill.  I may or may not ban you from my future mafias, but I probably will big_smile.

- If you're confused please feel free to PM me.

-REMEMBER - Dead men/women tell no tales.
You may have one (and only one) post only after your demise in the game- after that, no more.
Feel free to save it as long as you like, but remember to use it well, my friends.

Rules courtesy of Piro, Kristina and Ero; with bonus editing from Teffles.


Adventurers [Citizens] (6): This team of adventurers has been assembled from members of the Adventurers’ Guild, an association the only way to enter which is to pay $50 and walk up a hill. Adventurers indeed!
These poor souls do not know the identities of any other player.

Head Adventurer (1): The Head Adventurer is the leader of the Adventurers’ Guild. The Head Adventurer’s identity has long been kept secret to protect him from being swamped by adoring fans. Or for tax reasons, whatever.
The Head Adventurer has one chance to influence the game more than their comrades- at some point in the game, during any vote they can select a player (who must have been voted for by someone) and have a quick glance at their name on the list of Adventurers’ Guild members to discover their allegiance (Adventurer or Saboteur). It is then their decision whether they tell the other Adventurers what they’ve found out, and if so it is up to them to convince the other Adventurers they are telling the truth. For some inexplicable reason they can only look at the list once and only check one name when they do. Go figure. There are no extra repercussions if the leader is killed.

Tracker (1): The Adventurers have one expert tracker amongst them- during one of the Days the Tracker should PM me letting me know they wish to stay awake overnight. If they do so they will be able to see the killer in action; meaning they can leave an anonymous note with an extra clue to the murderer’s identity. If the Soldier protects the victim, though, the clue could point to them due to the confusion in the melee. Sadly the Tracker is a lazy sod so they can only stay up once. The Tracker is aligned with the Adventurers.

Soldier [Bodyguard] (1): The Adventurers also have an ex-SAS soldier with them- they like to keep active despite having a prosthetic leg. The Soldier is still skilled enough to be able to guard one of the Adventurers each Night, and indeed skilled enough to successfully fight off and even kill an attacker. Unfortunately they don’t have the strength left to do this more than once. If the Soldier is directly attacked at any point or attempts to save a second Adventurer then they will be killed. During the second attack there is only a 50% chance their charge will be saved and the attacker will most likely survive.

Saboteurs [Mafia] (4): The Saboteurs are members of the Adventurers’ Guild who believe the Lost City should remain untouched by present day man. They will do anything they can to stop the Adventurers from disturbing the ruins- even kill them (but only one at a time, they’re not monsters).

Head Saboteur [Godfather] (1): The Head Saboteur is, shockingly, the leader of the Saboteurs. Only they know the identities of the other Saboteurs (although they can let them all know who the others are whenever and however they like). The Head Saboteur will inform me whom they wish to kill each Night (and on the first Night, who will be their second-in-command). If they are executed during the Day their second-in-command (who will then select their own second-in-command) will take charge.

The final list of players will be posted on Saturday, at which point roles will be sent out. The intention is that the Head Saboteur PM's me (and PM's the rest of the Mafia, should they so desire) with their first kill and their second-in-command by Monday so I can start the story then.

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#2 2010-07-15 19:59:26

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

A wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-i-i-i A wiuhm uhm-moweh


#3 2010-07-15 22:53:12

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

hewom-mhu mhuiw A i-i-i-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw A


#4 2010-07-15 22:53:55

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Yeah, all that good stuff


#5 2010-07-16 11:04:14

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

This makes me miss Theatre class.

Sounds like it will be a jolly good game.


#6 2010-07-16 15:58:28

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Looks awesome big_smile


#7 2010-07-17 08:31:09

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Player List
Game Overlord
sir colton


#8 2010-07-17 14:32:23

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Damn my sloppy uncapitalized name!


#9 2010-07-17 16:30:32

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

I say we should roleplay throughout this game.  The set-up is just too awesome.


#10 2010-07-17 16:57:11

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Wait... is that Chewbaka?


#11 2010-07-17 20:15:05

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia


also: smile can't wait to get started


#12 2010-07-17 21:16:14

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Hey fellas.

I'll roleplay once we start morhkt since my DnD group isn't here to make fun of me. tongue


#13 2010-07-18 12:19:36

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Yay i cant wait for this to start up and not have to really do anything but be active. It sounds really interesting to.


#14 2010-07-18 13:35:25

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Haha, what's up chewy!


#15 2010-07-18 16:31:14

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Okay, everything's on schedule, I have the first kill already so we can get started tomorrow around noonish. One slight change of plan though- I've changed the beginning of the story a little so I'll post the story this evening as soon as I've put the final touches on it so the scene is set, and we can start the game proper tomorrow.
I'm really looking forward to this big_smile


#16 2010-07-18 17:23:05

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Since 1834, a proud institution had stood, its members some of the finest explorers and adventurers the world had seen. From Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Sir Edmund Hillary to Scott of the Antarctic (given post-humous, honorary membership) and T.E. Lawrence, some of the greatest in recent memory had been amongst its ranks; joining together to share tales, plan new expeditions and celebrate the lives of their fallen members.
They were the Adventurers' Guild.

Recently, though, the Guild had fallen on hard times. Forced from their original residence by a lack of funding and forced to occupy instead the empty room above a public house in Chipping Sodbury, they had lost many members and its time appeared to be coming to an end.
The dwindling roster now contained only relative unknowns:
Vogel, a man who got his nickname by falling some distance from the window of a German brothel;
chewbaka, a grizzled man with a 2-foot-long beard whose claim to fame was having climbed every mountain in Scotland;
EroticDriving, a surprisingly young woman famed for her ice-driving skills, but sadly with navigational skills that left a lot to be desired;
and so the list went on, never impressing much. These final few, these dregs, still kept on trying to continue the fine traditions of the Guild though; and finally they might have had a stroke of luck.

One of their members had been researching South American history and stumbled across the legend of a Lost City, known only as Oro Embrujada Baño. Buried deep in the Peruvian rainforest, this city is said to have been abandoned by its indigenous people for reasons unknown, and the Spanish knew of it only through folklore. Surely this place could not remain hidden- not with the rumours of the gold and the glory that awaited its discoverers!

Messages had been sent to the remaining 14 members, along with information and maps. All had agreed to make the journey to Peru for one final attempt to save the fine Guild, its history and its traditions. Surely with them all working together their journey, their quest, would be a success.

Only one thing might stand in their way. Long had controversy marred the exploration of new areas as people tried to protect land they viewed as sacred, or simply things they felt should be treated with more respect. Those who feared the legends surrounding such areas would have their say too. This expedition would be no exception- word had gotten around the group that some of their number were opposed to their planned intrusion into an ancient place of legend despite the impending doom for the Guild. Nothing, though, would deter the brave remaining few who would put their lives on the line:

The Brave Adventurers
assault_4150 Now deceased, a member of the Saboteurs, executed on the third day.
chewbaka Now deceased, an innocent and the Tracker, killed on the sixth night.
duckwariorrandom Now deceased, a member of the Saboteurs, executed on the second day/third night.
EroticDriving Now deceased, an innocent victim killed on the second night.
Game Overlord Now deceased, an innocent victim killed on the first night.
kristina_007 Now deceased, an unfortunate innocent mistakenly executed on the first day.
morhkt Now deceased, an innocent victim and the Soldier, killed on the fifth night.
naruga Now deceased, a member of the Saboteurs, executed on the fifth day.
Ninatrek Now deceased, an innocent victim killed on the fourth night.
Pirotechnix Now deceased, an unfortunate innocent and the Head Adventurer, mistakenly executed on the second day.
sir colton Now deceased, the original Head Saboteur, executed on the fourth day.

With the aid of their wits, skills, equipment, a few personal possessions and most importantly each other they would complete their mission to rescue the great institution of The Adventurers' guild.

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#17 2010-07-18 17:32:10

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

And so the adventurers had set out on the great expedition in search of Oro Embrujada Baño. One day into their journey they had made decent headway and chose an appropriate place to sleep for the night. They shared a meal and each set up their gear for the night. Despite their excitement they had worked hard during the day and soon enough they were peacefully slumbering.


#18 2010-07-19 09:39:02

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

the golden witch toilet...


#19 2010-07-19 11:02:04

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

The group were rudely awoken that morning by a loud, shrill scream just off to the East. As one they lept up and rushed over, only Turtleboy stopping momentarily to grab his first aid kit just in case. As he caught up with the group he asked what was happening. "I got up and came over here to go for a tinkle", explained Piro, "and I found him just lying here. He's.. he's dead."
"Who?" Asked Turtle.
"Game Overlord."
The whole group, surrounding Piro who was crouched over the body, leant over and craned their necks to see what lay before them.
Game Overlord, one of their newest members, lay on the ground; his face was covered in large bruises, colours ranging from grey to purple. A short distance away there was a small patch of disturbed undergrowth and humus. Piro explained "I think he was first attacked there and fell. He managed to get back up but the next blow was too much and he fell again. This time he didn't get up." As he was looking at the disturbed ground he spotted something glint in the morning light. He walked over and picked it up- it was a lapel pin with the Guild's emblem on it.

As they said their goodbyes to their fallen friend they started to come to terms with the truth- at least one of those amongst them would stop at nothing to prevent them from reaching the city. Soon accusations started and it became clear- whoever was to blame wouldn't just be caught, they would be executed; for the good of the expedition, and as vengeance.

Day 1 has begun, 7 or 8 votes needed to execute. Head Adventurer's ability is now active.


#20 2010-07-19 11:06:45

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

I knew it had something to do with a golden bathroom appliance.

A single protest, good sir Teffles: I actually have a rather keen sense of direction.  tongue  I inherited it from my dad, who really only needs a GPS if he's never, ever been someplace before.  Which is rare.

I look foward to reaching the Golden Witch's Toilet.  I assume it's where she makes/made her fouler brews and concoctions, of the deadly-scented variety.

Edit: I was writing this as Teffles was making his post, apparently.

I have no definite views as of yet.

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