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#1 2010-10-26 11:08:30

Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

A baby's gotta do, what a baby's gotta do.

Welcome, children.  Just in time for Halloween comes another installment of Mafia, this time hosted by your pals, Ero and Naruga.  If you are lucky, you will survive.  If you are skilled, you will triumph.  If you are logical... you will provide humour for your hosts, for we are the only adults left.  So grab your diapies babies, and good luck.  Remember: Your parents must not love you to want you gone for so long....

I'm skipping the links section, because you are all capable of navigating the forums to find past mafia games.

Our basic set-up:
You're all chubby-wubby kiddies.  The rotoundest of you wants to see only the rolly-polliest of you left alive.  So kids, I hope you like riddles, because we'll be cooking up original ones to stump you all along the way.

Rules of the Game:
- The gametime like every other mafia will take place in two segments, Day and Night.

- The game will begin at Night Zero, at this time the Fat Kid will alert me of their second in command and of the first mafia kill. Tommy Pickles, if they wish to use their ability will PM me then as well. The Insulin Dispenser, as well as Specs will not be active until Night One.

- When all action PMs are received, or after a certain amount of time (which will be specified should there be need) the night will continue into day in which all actions will be revealed. This includes kills, saves, and identities of those killed and a riddle, pointing to the killer. Once this is posted, all players (including ALL roles) may participate in a vote to determine who the killer is. When a Majority is reached another post will be made detailing the kill, what allegiance the person killed was, and then Night will resume. This pattern will continue until a win occurs.

- A win for the Diabetics occurs when all Cookie Thieves, including the Fat Kid are dead.  A win for the Cookie Thieves occurs when their numbers outnumber the number of Diabetics (this number includes special roles sided with them).  A win for Specs occurs when only Specs is left alive.

-Discussion of Mafia may ONLY occur within the mafia topic. Obviously we have no control over PMs, and we can’t be in the chatroom all the time, so we can’t always be there to enforce this rule, but we expect you to hold yourselves to a standard so that gameplay can be fair. ANY REVEALING OF YOUR ROLE TO ANY INDIVIDUAL WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE GAME, EXCEPT IN SITUATIONS WE SET FORTH.

- PLEASE remain active within the game. A mafia game is only successful if every member who signed up participates. This really requires minimal effort (10-15 minutes a day is more than enough to be a “good” player) - inactivity will result in a Host-Kill.  We may or may not ban you from future mafias, depending on our moods when (hopefully if) this occurs.

- So, if you're confused, please feel free to PM Naruga or I here, or get a hold of us in the chat; if you really feel the need, my email is modak2@hotmail.com. This is also my Windows Live ID, and my AIM screen name is the same as my LGN name.  I'll gladly explain anything that confuses you.

Once you are dead, you have ONE post, and ONE post only.
Feel free to save it as long as you like, but remember to use it well, little ones.

Fat Kid (1) [Godfather/mother] - Leader of the Cookie Thieves, each night they will send me a PM designating a person they wish to kill. On Night Zero, along with the first mafia kill they will designate someone from the list of Mafia members to become second in command. The Fat Kid will know all the members of the mafia, and they alone will cast the vote as to who is to be killed. In the event this person is killed, the second in command whom they have chosen will assume this role, and the process will repeat until a win in established.

Tommy Pickles (1) [Head Citizen] - Leader of the Diabetics. This role will have the ability to, twice during the game, set up a watch around the playpen. This action, when used, will cancel that night’s mafia kill. In the event that Tommy Pickles is the target of the night’s kill, and that happens to be the night this person chooses to use their ability, the mafia kill will remain nullified. Should it by some chance happen again, the mafia kill will take priority.

X-Ray Specs (Specs for short) (1) [Cowboy/Sheriff] - Discovers little clues or hints about identities of people playing. This person can make use of their ability every other night. This role will show allegiance to no side. They may use any gained knowledge to sway the game in either group’s favor, and can act with Two Kills in the entire game. When Specs chooses to use this kill, their action will take first priority.

Insulin Dispenser (1) [Doctor/Body Guard] - The slightly older kid who decides to aid the Diabetics. Every other night this role will have the ability to name someone in the game they wish to protect. This person will work for the Diabetics.

Cookie Thieves (3) [Mafia] - The fatter kids who have been recruited by the Fat Kid to starve the Diabetics into submission/death. They must eliminate all Diabetics in order to win the game in the Mafia’s favor. They will not know the identity of other members of the Mafia. It is entirely up to the Fat Kid whether they wish to divulge that information or not.

Diabetics (7) [Citizens] - The children of Little Grey, dropped off at the Fat Kid’s house for a “party” which turns lethal. It is their job to find and kill the members of the Mafia until a majority win takes place.

This game will may have a slightly slower pace as we must collaberate to concoct riddles, so please, be patient.  We will do our best to plan ahead as much as possible so that this does not slow down game updates.

And finally, one last time, good luck, kiddies.

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#2 2010-10-26 11:09:21

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers



1supercosmic - Killed Night Three - Diabetic

Turtleboy412 - Killed Night Zero - Diabetic

Teflon Monkey - Killed Night Two - Tommy Pickles

duckwarriorrandom - Killed Day Four - Diabetic

morhkt - Killed Day Two - Cookie Thief

Vayne Strife - Killed Night Four - Diabetic


CouchDestroyer - Killed Night One - Diabetic

Pirotechnix - Killed Day One - Specs



Mario_Man - Killed Day Five - Diabetic

chewbaka - Killed Day Three - Cookie Thief

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#3 2010-10-26 11:14:44

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

It was a bright, sunny day.  The guests for Fat Kid’s party were arriving, and Fat Kid was delighted.  Finally, all those “mildly overweight” kiddies would starve.  Fat Kid had been plotting for quite some time, and the party was the perfect excuse to invite them all over….

Fat Kid was prepared.  There were only so many cookies in his cookie jar – just enough to keep Fat Kid and the Cookie Thieves alive – oh yes; Fat Kid had planted minions amongst the rest of the Diabetic party-goers.  Fat Kid was a tricky bugger.

Every cookie that was stolen, that equaled one less “mildly overweight” Diabetic.  Fat Kid would rule the town.

Fat Kid’s “party” was all set up.  Decorations, banners, the works.  It wasn’t just a regular party either – Fat Kid had asked for an extended sleepover.  However long it took to eliminate the Diabetics was how long it would last.  The Cookie Thieves would act overnight, so that the Diabetics would never see them.  It was the perfect plan.  But Fat Kid was not without mercy – one kid was older, more knowledgeable.  This kid, this Insulin Dispenser, would give the Diabetics a chance.

There was one kid Fat Kid was worried about though.  One kid was a bit more inquisitive.  One kid asked too many questions.  With X-Ray glasses from the back of a comic book, Specs could figure out what side a kid was on.  But Fat Kid didn’t know whose side Specs was on.

Fat Kid had taken precautions to hide the identity of the Cookie Thieves.  No Thief would leave behind a trace – just a scrawled riddle.  If the Diabetics managed to decipher riddles with such low blood sugar, it would be surprising.  The entertainment value of watching a bunch of kiddies provide logical arguments also proved high.

These riddles weren’t straightforward, however.  Solving one would not simply yield up the name of a Thief – it would provide a clue.  Multiple interpretations of the riddle could lead to different “clues”, making it all the more difficult to find a Thief.

Fat Kid would announce all this once all the guests were present, and the adults gone.  They’d never leave their children if they knew what was in store.  Fat Kid would wear a mask and use the ever-popular Darth Vader voice changer.  Fat Kid’s identity was safe.

Of course, after Fat Kid had stepped down and back into the guests, a hero popped up, like always.  Hiding their face behind the ever-popular baby hero, Tommy Pickles promised to lead the Diabetics to safety as best he could with his pigeon stance.  Heartened but still frightened of monsters under the bed, the party commenced with regular, albeit halting, party shenanigans.

Night Zero will begin shortly.  There will be a post indicating when all roles should have been sent out, as well as announcing the official start of the game.  Once that is made, if you lack a role, PM BOTH Naruga and I.  Also, when any special role PM's one of us, PLEASE PM the other as well with the same message.  Ctrl + C and V are meant to be used.  You can't expect Naruga to post in the case of my absence if he lacks information.


#4 2010-10-26 13:10:55

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

EroticDriving wrote:

X-Ray Specs (Specs for short) (1) [Cowboy/Sheriff] - ... ... They may use any gained knowledge to sway the game in either group’s favor, and can act with Two Kills in the entire game. When the Jar Watcher chooses to use this kill, their action will take first priority.

Jar Watcher? Whut?

Also, NNinja

Edit- And finally, if Specs finds one of the leaders can they tell said leader they know their identity, reveal their own identity, and join that side?

Last edited by Teflon Monkey (2010-10-26 13:14:59)


#5 2010-10-26 14:01:05

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

Jar watcher was one of the names we had come up with but changed... We changed it due to it would lead to think it would only see the mafia members. I will leave it up to specs if he/she wants to declare aleigance to any one side.


#6 2010-10-26 15:41:47

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

Whoops, thanks for noticing that....  I had a feeling one would slip by.  As Naruga said, it's up to Specs how he/she acts.


#7 2010-10-26 16:59:36

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

Pretty clever theme, can't wait to start.


#8 2010-10-26 17:04:01

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

So where are the adults at this party? It seems like a parent or two would be there supervising.

Can't wait to get started, definitely one of the more interesting themes for mafia. big_smile


#9 2010-10-26 17:32:32

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

As I said, Naruga and myself are the only adults left.  We're rather laissez-faire, so don't expect us to mind disposing of bodies of those that you kill off.  Your parents are just happy not to have to deal with you!

By the way, Naruga came up with the theme.  He didn't want to host a game though, so I offered to help him with hosting duties - such a great theme shouldn't go unexplored.

All roles are sent out, except Nina's.  Please either change your profile to public or PM me so that I can reply with your role.

Once that's settled, the game will start.


#10 2010-10-26 21:30:44

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

Ero, I sent out a pm-just wondering if you got it. Also tried to change my oriole to public, but it was being all weird and the settings didn't stick. -feels guilty for holding game up-  ._.


#11 2010-10-26 22:00:54

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

Mario_Man wrote:

So where are the adults at this party? It seems like a parent or two would be there supervising.

Can't wait to get started, definitely one of the more interesting themes for mafia. big_smile

But it's just a bunch of kids. In that Cartoon Rugrats, the parents were NEVER around :p

Last edited by BSan (2010-10-26 22:09:37)


#12 2010-10-27 16:07:46

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

Thank you Nina, I did.  And don't feel bad - the last time I was host, I know I didn't do as great a job as I could have.  I feel that making this game as wonderful as I can will hopefully make up for that.

All roles have been sent out.  Night Zero starts now.  Fat Kid, please PM BOTH Naruga and I your kill.


#13 2010-10-27 19:08:57

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

I can't wait for Night Zero to be over. :3


#14 2010-10-27 20:27:58

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

the suspense is killing me or maybe it's the fat kid... who knows


#15 2010-10-27 21:00:14

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

This is going to be interesting big_smile


#16 2010-10-28 10:33:18

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

I can imagine several deaths caused by things in a toddler's toy box.

Lol choking hazard.


#17 2010-10-28 13:06:41

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

lol isn't that why they put like a line at the bottom of the box that says not for ages 5- or small parts


#18 2010-10-28 17:09:47

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

googoo gaga


#19 2010-10-28 17:19:34

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

Lol, are you going to roleplay this one too chewbaka?


#20 2010-10-29 12:29:22

Re: Mafia 11.0: Death & Diapers

poo my diapie!


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