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#41 2016-09-09 18:50:05

Re: Text Adventuring

>examine the pieces of the now flat box

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#42 2016-09-11 14:04:05

Re: Text Adventuring

You examine the flat box. It used to be a standard shoe box. The label says it once contained a pair of men's running shoes.
There is nothing interesting or unusual about it.

You examine yourself. You are glad to find out that you have no terminal deseases or mental illnessess.
Your ankle hurts slightly from kicking the door.
You are wearing a plain t-shirt, straight cut jeans, and standard running shoes.
Upon your person you find a WALLET, and a KEY.

-Disposable cigarette lighter
-Unreconizable pieces of junk
-Blackened, plasticky piece of wire

It was my comment, wasn't it?


#43 2016-09-11 15:25:28

Re: Text Adventuring

Yeah, I figured I should just check my pockets. Heh, I'm glad we figured that out.

> Examine WALLET
> Use KEY on DOOR


#44 2016-09-11 18:46:28

Re: Text Adventuring

>rub ankle (something to kill the time waiting for the door to open)

If the key doesn't work then

>knock on the door


#45 2016-09-12 09:30:05

Re: Text Adventuring

You examine your wallet while rubbing your ankle.
Inside your wallet are YOUR ID, a CREDIT CARD, and 11.35 MONEY.
For the sake of keeping your inventory less cluttered, you decide to just leave those items inside the wallet.

Here it comes, the moment you've looking forward to since you've started this game: Using the key!
You stick it into the key hole slowly, yet determined. You knock on wood to ward off bad luck.
You carefully rotate the key away from the door frame. The cilinder turns with it smoothly.
You hear a click. The door is unlocked.

-Disposable cigarette lighter
-Unrecognizable pieces of junk
-Blackened, plasticky piece of wire

I can pretty much guess what the next command will be, but maybe you'll surprise me by wanting to set something on fire, or something. Or perhaps break something, I don't know... You could take those hinge pins out?


#46 2016-09-12 10:13:29

Re: Text Adventuring

> Check name & date on YOUR ID
> Check numbers on CREDIT CARD and security code wink

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#47 2016-09-12 10:17:49

Re: Text Adventuring


> Walk through unlocked door big_smile


#48 2016-09-12 17:31:33

Re: Text Adventuring

> Examine whatever's on the other side of the door

...You really shouldn't be blindly walking through doorways. There's a picture of a door that opens out to absolutely nothing from an upper floor floating around the internet, but I can't be bothered to find it.


#49 2016-09-13 03:02:49

Re: Text Adventuring

You procrastinate by poking around your wallet a bit.
The credit card has your name spelled on it correctly. The date has not passed yet. It is still valid.
You don't know whether the number on it is correct, but it seems no different than all the previous times you've looked at your credit card.

You carefully open the door, and check if there's something behind it.
The door leads outside. You're in the middle of nowhere.
You step through the door. It closes behind you.

Congratulations on getting out! GAME OVER (?)

no longer important

So, what do you guys think? Was this fun? Or was it too frustrating?
I know checking yourself isn't the first thing you'd think of in these kinds of games, but I didn't think it too illogical or farfetched. Not completely impossible at least.

But how to continue? Should I continue this game, with a good chance it'll become incoherent, or shall I think up a new one, and start with that? I have a few ideas in my head already, but nothing fully worked out.
Or one of you guys could host a game, that might be fun too.


#50 2016-09-13 07:31:48

Re: Text Adventuring

The self check part was definitely a new twist. I harken back to the days of Scott Adams text adventure days. I can't recall any of his games starting that way. (Btw, there is a download able pack of his games available somewhere on the net. I'll see if I can find it for you guys.)

I'm okay with either continuing this one or starting a new one.


#51 2016-09-13 08:48:09

Re: Text Adventuring

Ooooh, this gives me so many ideas of where you could go from here. I think this should continue from here, one cohesive story would be pretty neat.


#52 2016-09-13 10:49:59

Re: Text Adventuring

Well, it almost seemed a bit misleading - normally you're instantly told about anything you have on you. At first, I thought maybe we had suffered amnesia, but we recognised it when we took it out, so it makes you wonder what kind of moron our character is that it took us so long to find the key in the wallet. Heck, why was the key in the wallet? Did we willingly lock ourselves in the room? What was all of that other random useless tosh doing in the room? So many questions. tongue I'd also like to take pride in the fact that I inputted the winning command (even though I didn't participate for a bit because I was so confused big_smile ). Considering how long it took us to get out of that one room, I'm a bit worried about what might happen if we were to continue, but I feel like we've learned from that experience, so we'll probably be fine. big_smile

I'd love to see different people coming up with different settings and ideas for games - I think this has a lot of potential and I'd be excited to see of all the different concepts everyone could come up with. I would be completely happy with continuing this one though. I wonder though, do text games normally have a super big complex story or do they normally just give you a basic setting and items and let you figure out how to achieve a simple goal? I mean, both could work, and it could make things interesting. big_smile But I'm just throwing some ideas out, I'd be happy with anything. smile

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#53 2016-09-14 05:40:46

Re: Text Adventuring

The key wasn't in the wallet. It was merely on your person, along with the wallet.
I didn't reveal it right away, because that would have made it way too easy.
Now you had to find it, before you could interact with it. Heck, I don't even know where you put your other inventory...

I have some idea on how and where to continue, and your comments gave me the idea for a red thread: Finding out why you were in that room, who put you there, and why you had the key on you.
We could each take turns hosting a chapter, what do you think about that?

The other inventory items were just random stuff, meant to practice interacting with things.

And Para, were you talking about this: http://textadventures.co.uk/quest ?


#54 2016-09-14 09:33:19

Re: Text Adventuring

Oh yeah, you're right, it wasn't in the wallet. Now I'm the one with amnesia. lol Of course, it would have been too easy just saying "You have a key, there's a door, go through, you've won", but it definitely makes you feel stupid afterwards. big_smile

Each of us hosting a chapter? As in, one person hosts a chapter of their story, then the next person does a chapter of another story, and so on? That would definitely be a good way of allowing everyone to have a fair amount of time to try hosting as well as playing - that would probably be the best system for it if we did have multiple people hosting to make sure one person doesn't steal the show with their ridiculously long adventure for too long. tongue I'm glad you found my ideas for expanding the story interesting - I love me a good story. big_smile Plus it helps get me into it more when I know that on the other side of the door is the secret to...my mysterious past. Or whatever. The guy in your story certainly has a mysterious past, that's for sure. wink


#55 2016-09-14 13:17:50

Re: Text Adventuring

I'm not sure if the story line could really develop much depth that way, but I'm definitely game to try it!


#56 2016-09-14 16:31:33

Re: Text Adventuring

Hmm... could robot handle my weirdness?

Love that link wheelnut! Not what I was talking about, but I'm going to look at that further.

No, I was talking about this http://www.msadams.com/downloads.htm
This link takes you to the downloads section where you can download Scott's classic games, but click on the Home and Adventures tabs to read about the history. I highly recommend downloading and playing Adventureland.


#57 2016-09-15 10:17:39

Re: Text Adventuring

I was actually talking about one story, multiple authors.
I've now completed the first chapter, the next person takes it from there, and develops the next chapter, the third takes it from the end of chapter two, etc, etc.

Perhaps depth could suffer that way, yes. Neither of us knows what the others mean by certain actions, items, or locations. So putting puzzle pieces together to reveal a bigger story becomes difficult.

Maybe five different games is the way to go.
So who's next?


#58 2016-09-17 10:10:11

Re: Text Adventuring

Sorry, I assumed you meant what I said for the same reason - it could end up being a bit of a nonsensical tale with different people doing different bits in the same story, with constant switching tones and people perhaps not developing on ideas the same way the previous author intended. But I'm happy to hear my idea interests you. :D Anyway, I was kind of hoping somebody else would volunteer, because I'm struggling to think of a good idea. Surely someone has something up their sleeve though? *glares at everyone* :P

EDIT: Why aren't the faces displaying properly for me? This is a catastrophe. D:

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#59 2016-09-17 10:22:31

Re: Text Adventuring

> examine robot


#60 2016-09-17 14:53:54

Re: Text Adventuring

You examine The123robot. You never realised just how refined and beautiful a cyborg could be until you examined this one up close. Every minuscule detail is perfect, and it is quite clear that this godly metallic being is superior to in every way and will easily outlive you thanks to the genius of the person who made it. There is not a single suggestion of rust in the metal, and if you didn't know otherwise, you'd think the perfection of the smooth, gleaming metal would prove that it was created yesterday. It stands tall over you, about ten feet or so, you estimate, with basic facial features lit by a very welcoming red glow. The pincers at the end of its arms seem at first glance to be covered in dry blood, but you then realise that such a nice and overwhelmingly friendly android could not have something so terrible covering it, and instead assume it was likely a paint error by the creators. Its feet at the end of its long legs are square-shaped, made of black plastic and designed for maximum grip to any surface. Some sort of slot machine is built firmly into its torso which displays bright and colourful numbers - you are unsure of what use it provides, but it completes the otherwise flawless picture. A fine example of the very best robotics have to offer, you conclude.

- Copy of The123robot Fan Magazine

Mostly satirical, but perhaps that works as an example. big_smile Now someone begin a proper adventure, all this messing around is ruining the point of the thread. tongue

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