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#281 2010-08-15 14:03:10

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

The first clue: Assault_4150 killing Game Overlord

the East. :  This wasn't a clue, it was just a direction I chose..

A short distance away there was a small patch of disturbed undergrowth and humus. Piro explained "I think he was first attacked there and fell. He managed to get back up but the next blow was too much and he fell again. This time he didn't get up." :  Not a clue either, it's in reference to Game's profile quote "Our greatest glory lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall"

his face was covered in large bruises, colours ranging from grey to purple.
As he was looking at the disturbed ground he spotted something glint in the morning light. He walked over and picked it up- it was a lapel pin with the Guild's emblem on it. : This is the clue, as well as the assault itself was a reference to the colours of Assault's badges. The lapel pin was intended to tell you badges were important as they are a form of badge. Ninatrek mentioned the pin but no-one followed it up.

The second clue: duckwariorrandom killing Erotic Driving

"I heard her coughing and sneezing quite violently earlier this morning but thought nothing more of it." :  This I'll admit would have been an evil and near-impossible clue were it not for the Tracker's note- it's a reference to Asian bird fru.

I couldn't see the killer properly but I could hear them talking to themselves. It sounding like they were talking.. Chinese.

:  I was hoping you'd consider the fact I'm a bit of a perfectionist and accurate and thus notice I'd said Chinese was the language being spoken- the idea was that you'd look at Chinese languages and hopefully be led to Mandarin.
A mandarin is not only a type of duck but often the type of orange used in duck a l'orange. Both of these would lead you to ducky, and this could be backed up with the bird flu clue.
In the little side-game Vogel followed the trail from the note evidence very well but didn't spot the link to bird flu while in the main game Chewy spotted the bird flu clue but didn't spot the Mandarin one.

The third clue: sir colton killing Ninatrek

Ninatrek's body lying at the base of a tree :  This wasn't a clue

some strange tracks leading away from her. :  While horse tracks aren't exactly strange, you wouldn't expect them in the jungle..

her hair appeared to have received a circle tonsure. :  This clue was intended to be an unusual one- fact you heard "a noise" was vital because it suggested how you should approach this clue (by saying it out loud). If you say "circle ton" it sounds a lot like sir colton. I picked that specific phrase because of crop circles, as chewy spotted.

The fourth clue: naruga killing morhkt

a trail of blood leading to an area of grass :  The trail of blood is just like the next part of the clue- a sign of the massive injuries caused by a fight with a Naruga Kuruga.. and if you look at the pictures of fights with them they're almost always in grassy areas (something you'd rarely find in the rainforest)

fighting a great foe much larger than himself. His clothes were tattered and torn and he was covered in blood and bruises. :  More violence caused by the fight.

The fifth clue: 1supercosmic killing chewbaka

urinated :  He'd been for a number 1.. I'm oh so mature.

partially covered in some kind of semi-viscous liquid, which although it is fairly morbid smelled quite tasty. :  It was soup. This was a nice syllable-based clue to compliment the others.

he seemed almost as though he was where he belonged. :  He was a Wookiee, I'd say they'd feel pretty at-home in the cosmos.

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#282 2010-08-15 14:18:13

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Now to clarify what happened when the three disappeared:

They were given this to start off with: (Caps instead of bold)
As the day wore on three of the group started to tire more than the others. MORHKT, VOGEL AND DUCKWARIORRANDOM started to lag behind and soon enough had lost sight of the others. It got later and later and eventually they realised they had lost the group. They were separated! As darkness began to fall the three decided it would be best to stop for a while and rest. Hopefully the others would realise they were missing and come back for them (and hopefully they hadn't wandered too far off course). As they set up a cooker something dropped to the ground. VOGEL picked it up and examined it for a moment, before handing it over to DUCKY and MORHKT- it was EROTICDRIVING's favourite pen! It would appear whomever killed ERO couldn't resist such an exquisite piece of stationary- could this be their downfall? Fortunately for the Saboteur when it had dropped it had landed between them and they did not know whose it was. Two of them now knew, though, that they were in mortal danger- could they work out which of them had been ERO's assassin, or would all be lost?

They were then given the clue to Ero's death again and got to work.
What happened was only vaguely known by the rest of you because I wanted to be accurate to the story. It also meant that morhkt and Vogel had to convince you they'd been innocent still. The case could have been that two Saboteurs had killed an Adventurer and handed over their own note about killing ducky.


#283 2010-08-15 20:00:58

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Clue 1
I think I noticed GO's quote at some point after the vote, but I forget why I neglected to followup on it.  That really is something we should have caught, but the pin part seemed too much like a natural way of revealing his identity for us to catch, especially since it was the first day.  Sorry kristina!

The bird flu is a bit of a gray area since it could go either way between ducky and Vogel.  However, if I were aware of a mandarin duck this would have been easy to separate the two.  Sorry piro!

The word "circle" is what initially drew me to crop circles for some reason.  I was focusing on the look, but using the sound of the words was very clever.  This was my favorite clue.

This was probably the least inspired one.  I was hoping you went a different way with naruga.  I had just finished explaining why recurring clues are lame (to defend myself) so I hated to even mention the naruga monster.  Ah well we still got him.

Kiiiind of a stretch.  If I had picked up on the #1 that would have been enough, but pinning that down as soup is a pretty high expectation.  Still, I liked the piss.  Not all over my corpse mind you, but the clue.

Overall I like how they turned out.  Each one was challenging and required different approaches to solve, and in the end I think we had a fair shot at each one.


#284 2010-08-15 20:44:13

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

I was pretty annoyed by clue number 4 myself, I just couldn't for the life of me think of another way to do it..

And number 5 would have been extremely tough, I agree, were it not for the fact there were several clues and only three possible suspects.. plus I got to put urine in a clue.


#285 2010-08-15 21:04:44

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Yeah plus it was the final day.  At that point everyone has their own ideas regardless of the clues.  Everyone except turtle that is.  *stare*


#286 2010-08-16 13:53:21

Re: Teffles presents: Jungle Mafia

Hehe wink He did say he was bad at this game tongue

Anyway, like chewbaka already said we had a fair change to get most of them right. The first killings were just bad, bad, bad.

Thank you for the solutions big_smile


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