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#1 2014-05-11 08:09:07

Mother's Day Poem

I wrote this poem for my mom for mother's day.  I gave it to her split in to three different sections.  There are a few inside jokes, but I think some of you might get a kick out of it:

Mother, I love you, you know that itís true.
Thatís why I typed up this cool poem for you.
I appreciate all that you give up for me:
Your love, your time, and your life-energy.

You feed me, you clothe me, you love me to death,
Itís due to your raising Iím not hooked on meth.
Not once, not a day have I gone without care
I appreciate you more than air, momma bear.

For seventeen years, make that eighteen next week,
Youíve dealt with me nicely, not once did you shriek
That I was not right, that you wished I would change,
So for you another mother I would never exchange.

So here is my poem, my expression of love:
Happy Motherís Day, Mom, this is writing thereof.
Youíre fantastic, great, youíre kind and youíre clever,
Iíll love you, Mom, until the end of forever.

A second rendition I thought would be palm,
Of why I love having just you as my mom.
Though this one is different, and slightly more comical
My love for you is still quite astronomical.

Appreciation for big, appreciation for small,
These rhymes are more fun than a book from Roald Dahl.
I like how you help me with projects and service,
Or make me calm down when Iím feeling the nervous

Youíre always there when I need a hug,
And you make me laugh when you try to chug.
Recently weíve had some talks about ďjuniorĒ
And I love that my friends wish you were a cougar

We spend some fun times, we do some fun stuff
And that scratch on your car, I promise Iíll buff.
So now Iíve exhausted our recent in-jokes
I guess back towards Motherís day this poem Iíll coax.

Iíve said that I love you, about forty times.
But still, there are more if you read between the lines.
Though I say it so much just for this one day,
Please know that itís true, from May until May.

A third set of verses?
Gadzooks! Could it be?
Why yes, only this time
Itís A-B-A-B!

In sets one and two,
Thereís much I forgot
of what I love most,
I felt rather fraught!

You are understanding:
You put deal with weird.
You make all my lunches:
PB & J smeared.

Youíre patient,
You have kids, after all, hahaha.
Youíre supportive,
Youíd help me if I wanted to get in to Harvard Law.

Youíre a role-model, yes,
for my sister and me.
We look to you for guidance
And we both agree

Youíre important to us,
Your son and your daughter,
We need you more than
A fish needs his water.

Happy Motherís Day, Mom,
this is the last time Iíll repeat
I love you, dear mother,
Thatís solid as concrete.

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#2 2014-06-07 07:51:41

Re: Mother's Day Poem

I don't know how I missed this at the time Potato, but this is really good, I'm sure it made your mom incredibly happy. smile I just got my mom a card, a nice bottle of liqueur and some flowers, this is way better than that. XD


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