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#43301 2017-06-18 05:42:04

Re: Count to 1 Million


That'll be me kicking you into the pit of despair once I get the palindrome. tongue

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#43302 2017-06-18 07:42:08

Re: Count to 1 Million


Why did they even have that hole there?


#43303 2017-06-18 07:42:12

Re: Count to 1 Million

43303 Robot mocks himself!

I you say that about dancing too.


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#43304 2017-06-18 07:43:28

Re: Count to 1 Million




#43305 2017-06-18 10:04:30

Re: Count to 1 Million



#43306 2017-06-18 10:33:50

Re: Count to 1 Million


God it is hot today. Poor whales :-(


#43307 2017-06-18 11:09:27

Re: Count to 1 Million



#43308 2017-06-18 14:02:46

Re: Count to 1 Million


Indeed it is, hammy. I hope my circuitry doesn't overheat. D:


#43309 2017-06-18 15:49:06

Re: Count to 1 Million

43309 Hmm, I might have to take up watching anime!

Geez, 4 seconds. That's less time than a 10 second anime movie!



#43310 2017-06-18 16:35:32

Re: Count to 1 Million


Um, okay, so...a woman's walking, then some other really shocked person spits out their coffee (very wasteful of them). That then leads to some important-looking saluting person who desperately needs to buy some new clothes, followed up that same girl  making out with some other random girl who isn't very into it. That's then followed by YET ANOTHER random woman with ridiculously revealing clothing (is there some kind of epidemic going on here?), then there's a few naked girls in a bed because sure, then a ship's flying and that girl who made out with that other girl is on it looking panicked. I think it's smoking so maybe it's about to crash. But then it's sucked into some sort of tornado / wormhole where a dragon eats it...somehow. Oh no, it might be a whirlpool, because the next shot is that girl (who is probably the main character) inside the ship while it's flooded and she's like "Oh god, I'm dead, ahhhh", then she somehow wakes up naked tied up in a bed with some random guy. Fin.

I don't understand how any of this connects to each other though. There are so many questions. What's wrong with everyone's clothes? Why did that woman spit out her coffee? Why'd those two women kiss? What were they all doing in bed? Why was that girl on that crashing ship? WHY WAS THERE A DRAGON!? And how did she escape from that only to end up in that odd final scenario? We may never know. Overall, it was very dissatisfying - 2/10. tongue


#43311 2017-06-18 18:44:45

Re: Count to 1 Million

43311 Who wants to date Smurfette now?.

There were indeed a good number of potholes. Now, if Smurfs were giant sized, we would probably have Avatar.



#43312 2017-06-18 19:45:48

Re: Count to 1 Million



#43313 2017-06-18 21:49:33

Re: Count to 1 Million

43313 Definitely not an AT AT! 

I've found a video of Robot as a wee bot, learning to walk!



#43314 2017-06-19 05:32:48

Re: Count to 1 Million


Aw, that's adorable! I've come a long way. big_smile


#43315 2017-06-19 07:23:48

Re: Count to 1 Million

43315 resistance is futile! 

Filed under Monday morning weirdness...



#43316 2017-06-19 07:58:36

Re: Count to 1 Million


Once again, far from the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I do wonder why Indy there doesn't just run off to the left or something though rather than running in a straight line like a moron. tongue


#43317 2017-06-19 16:44:26

Re: Count to 1 Million

43317 Snakebite! 

Or just creepy...



#43318 2017-06-19 18:08:25

Re: Count to 1 Million



#43319 2017-06-20 02:05:29

Re: Count to 1 Million


Still tired...
So god damn tired...


#43320 2017-06-20 07:38:29

Re: Count to 1 Million

43320 naptime! 

Merry go round dragging you around tired?



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