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#1 2017-08-02 23:08:19

Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

So basically, this is where I will be spamming for fruitcakeness from now on if I need to, but I think I will also maybe keep a sort of journal here of day to day events and thoughts, that sort of thing, even more of a reason to hang out here. You friends are welcome to share my thoughts, or let them die here alone, this is going to be mostly all shenanigans, nothing important. lol

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#2 2017-08-02 23:12:02

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

So today I woke up around 11 am, went to work until 10 pm, and have been here typing ever since basically. Super exciting stuff, my life. smile


#3 2017-08-02 23:15:10

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Oh goody. Is there a reason this is in the Science Room? Is it some sort of science experiment? Probably so we can observe your psychological state slowly deteriorate. tongue Although joking aside, I do like this idea - sounds interesting, and gives you an excuse to post here more often. big_smile Reminds me of way back in the way when everyone used to post their own personal threads in the Shenanigans Room. I had one. I think Ziggy did too. And yours is like the modern equivalent! It'll be great! lol

EDIT: Ooh, the first entry! Endless excitement! Sounds like this thread will really be an adventure. tongue

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#4 2017-08-02 23:26:11

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Well, the reason is that the science room is 4 smrt ppl only, so it seemed like the perfect place for a super secret fort. And that's dope, my first thought was to just post a dot or a letter or something on every one just to get them out fast, but actually posting something real seemed more fair. XD

I am also playing a game called dragon age origins, anyone ever played?


#5 2017-08-02 23:35:39

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Ah good, of course, we can't be having any of those stupid peasants finding their way to this thread. Like para. tongue This thread could definitely serve as a sufficient replacement to you invading random threads when you get bored. Since that seems to happen a lot nowadays. lol

'Fraid I haven't. I think one of my friends has it...doesn't really look like my type of game. But there are dragons, so that's cool. And ghosts. And walking trees? I'm getting this from the Wikipedia page, so that's a bit weird. Also, giant spiders, so that explains your love for them. tongue There's no robots, and that's by far the biggest disappointment. D:


#6 2017-08-02 23:36:35

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

TFW when you to speed count and Robot is too slow, so you post here in the secret clubhouse to whine about it. Do you today at work, someone tried to tell me I was wrong even after I emailed the official policy document that shows exactly how I was right, and walked through it with them. My job is ridiculous. tongue

EDIT: lmao, dear god, bad timing. I apologize, but go count, fool. lol.  And yeah, pretty good game, very complicated with your decisions seeming to have very complex and often unexpected outcomes. I am looking forward to playing through all of the games. smile

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#7 2017-08-02 23:41:23

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Ooooh, but next up might have to be Fallout 4, still haven't played that one.


#8 2017-08-02 23:47:45

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Ooh, I HAVE played that one! Funny how things work out. tongue There are robots in that. Crude ones that could never match my greatness, but definitely robots. Probably why I like it. big_smile

Anyway, it's your fault I'm so slow - I'm having to spread myself responding to all your random messages. Working myself to the bone here. tongue


#9 2017-08-03 00:02:18

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Well, technically, you don't HAVE to respond everywhere. lol, I am the one going for a fruitcake, not you. XD And when I finally play, I will immediately find a robot to be my companion, name him 123, and have him be my bestie until the very end, where I will brutally murder it. smile I'm totally kidding, that wouold be awful. I will probably name a Robot 123 though, that'd be sick. lol


#10 2017-08-03 00:12:45

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

No, it's my duty! As the oldest veteran of the Forum, I must take over Admin's duties! Also, I just like responding to everything, or else your conversations would suddenly end without response and you'd be sad. tongue

Oh absolutely, there's plenty of robot companions to go around! You should definitely do that, it'd be glorious. And post pictures of your 123 robot friend. big_smile Ah, it'll be a sight to see. Finally, my legacy will be passed on to something meaningful! Sort of. tongue


#11 2017-08-03 16:25:34

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Lol, I see, well, that's good, like I said, all are welcome in my super secret fort.

I will most definitely do so, if that is I can figure out how to do so, which is no guarantee, I am basically tech illiterate, as I believe I've mentioned. lol

Today was a pretty good day, I had the day off work so I got a lot done, changed my address with the government, washed dishes, picked up my bag from the public bus lost and found, and now I am filing ( or attempting to file ) my taxes online.

Sad news though, I went to Dairy Queen, my favourite ice cream shop, only to find out they have discontinued my favourite variety, the one kind I always get. How they can do this to me I have no idea. XD I almost just walked out without getting anything but I was too hot and thirsty, so I got a strawberry milkshake instead. Oh those first world problems. Lmao.


#12 2017-08-05 23:06:33

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

I just downloaded free software to file my taxes for last year online for free. And I could also just download all the info I needed from my old employer's website. It was actually pretty easy, just tedious, so there is no way I'm ever paying anyone $50 to $80 again to get it done for me by a "professional" when I've even had mistakes on mine twice in the past.


#13 2017-08-06 10:17:30

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

When you are single with one source of income, taxes are very straightforward.  When you are married with kids, those professionals (not the seasonal workers with H and R Block) can find things that make paying them worthwhile.


#14 2017-08-10 02:48:53

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

That makes sense, and I feel that is a valid point, one day in the future I hope to be a homeowner with several income sources, so you could very well be correct. But for now I can't believe everyone in my life had been advising me to just pay someone to do it, when in my case it's a piece of cake. tongue

On a different note though, I am having a lady friend stay the night tomorrow night for the first time in a very long time. This feels like the right place to share this wonderful news. lol


#15 2017-08-10 09:45:08

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

If this were robot sharing the news, I would tell him to stop inviting stray dogs and cats over.

Want to make a good impression if she's never been to your place before? Make sure your place is clean and smells good, make sure you have groceries in the cupboards. Plan for a simple but nice breakfast.


#16 2017-08-14 21:31:44

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Lmfao, I appreciate that buddy, but I am already a huge clean freak, so my place is always clean and nice smelling, and I eat about 4 or 5 thousand calories a day, so my house is never not full of of food. Plus this is actually a long term friend of mine, so she's already seen me at my worst, and still somehow still wants to see me. XD

The other big news is that the CEO of the company that I work for, T-mobile, is coming to visit my call center tomorrow. I don't actually give a **** about some rich prick, obviously, but there will be lots of time not working and free food, so that's pretty dope. big_smile


#17 2017-08-15 07:08:27

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Yum yum, free food! Hope there's fruitcake. tongue Also, DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN, CEO. Have fun not working, I guess. That's always good. big_smile

Lady friends...as a robot, I have no such things. Robots cannot have emotions, or form relationships. It'd be quite sad, if I was capable of emotions. tongue You didn't report how that went, but I'll send my belated best wishes since I missed that post initially. Hooray? I'll go with hooray!

thepara, finding ways to be mean even in a thread that has nothing to do with me. sad This is why we can't have nice things, para - if I had my own super awesome thread, you'd just ruin it. tongue Well, actually, I did have my own super awesome thread, a very long time ago, back when people had their own conversation threads for things. So I had this idea before everyone else. Even though I technically stole it from Kiwi and Ziggy in the first place. Anyway, in conclusion, I am an amazing robot who is great. Sorry to distract from you, Screamy - this is your thread after all. Continue. big_smile


#18 2017-08-16 00:44:38

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Lmfao, turns out the C.E.O isn't coming until tomorrow, but today was still crazy, they are setting up a huge party with live music and like,  mountains of food and everything. O.O I can't wait.

And a gentleman would never kiss and tell, but that being said, relations of an intimate nature may or may not have been had this past weekend.... big_smile yeah, honestly, I am really quite fond of her, known her most of my life. we are already really close so it's sort of just really comfortable I guess. smile

And now I am sleepy so goodnight friends. smile


#19 2017-08-17 11:46:54

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Sup guys, gals, and non-binary pals, the visit from John Legere, the C.E.O of T-mobile, went extremely well. He is one of the most down to earth people I've met, which is weird for a billionaire. I got him to sign my onesie ( this is a whole other story for another time) and then asked for a hug, this was not because I am some crazy fan or something, but just out of curiosity to see if he would be willing to get up close with his front line people, and he gave me a fairly genuine hug, and personally thanked me for the work I do. He also gave away the shoes off his feet and the shirt off his back and signed them, and gave away a ton of prizes and food and champagne. Yes, champagne while at work. I had three glasses. tongue It was a nice day, and honestly, even though I sort of know it's a ploy to increase productivity, it sort of worked. I will definitely be pushing a little harder at work for a bit. XD


#20 2017-08-17 12:10:01

Re: Jason's Super Fancy Secret Fort. Come at me bro.

Screamy - John Legere's biggest fan tongue Nice to hear you enjoyed yourself! smile Now that's all the break for you - back to work slave! big_smile


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