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#1 2017-10-18 18:32:24

Oh boy.

Stopping by to say hello, yet again. Super glad that this site is still up and running. I wonder how long I'll be keeping this up, and if my posts will steadily become less annoying (I did some digging and...gross).

No beard this time, and it was never a foot and a half long to begin with. Been with Publix for nearly 4 years now, and the only facial hair they allow are creepy mustaches. Recently got promoted to customer service staff (the fancy green shirt people), so that's cool; still struggling to survive in this adult world, however.

I'm still making the music, and we were on Spotify until I tried getting the link just now. Awesome. Anyway, here's some youtube stuff for anybody that likes new music:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfYP4 … /playlists

Sorry for the essay. I swear I'm not here just to promote my band, that'd be dumb. Alright I'm gonna go play some games on DYOG.
Hope everyone is well.

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#2 2017-10-19 02:00:41

Re: Oh boy.

Hey again, Charles! Always fun to see you stopping by! big_smile Don't you dare suggest your posts are annoying either - we love them all! Mostly because we're really lonely here. D: Anyway, it's great to hear you're still doing well. I don't have time to listen to the music you linked right now, but I'll be sure to check it out later! Don't worry - we don't mind that you've become a propaganda machine for your band. Happens to the best of us. tongue


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