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#1 2017-11-19 00:39:12

Ten years

Ten years ago I made an account here.  Every day I logged in to chat with a small, but warm and welcoming group.  It's been a very long time since I've posted here, but I miss this place.  I've never managed to find anywhere else like it on the internet, so I guess I'd just like to say hello again.

How has everyone been now that we're all grown up?  What's changed?

As for myself, I'm now 26, married, and live on the other side of the country.  I have a good job in the military, and will be separating to go back to school for engineering soon.

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#2 2017-11-19 07:29:00

Re: Ten years

Great to see you again, Iceman! You're right, Littlegrey is a very special place. big_smile It's really heartwarming to see you haven't forgotten this place and that it's left such an impact. smile Sounds like you're doing really well too. I hope everything goes well for you!

Since you asked, I'm still doing well too. I'm one of the people who was a regular ten years ago and still is now, because I'm insane. tongue Geez, everytime I get reminded of how long it's been, I have a bit of an existential crisis moment. Never could have guessed I'd still be here ten years later, but it's so cool to think about everytime I realise it. I plan on staying here for the next ten years too, because I can never betray the count! big_smile Well, that depends on Admin - he's not been seen for a while. We need to round up a search party. D:

Anyway, back to me (every good conversation is guaranteed to lead back to me of course tongue ) - my profile is still up to date on all things Robot! Although it's oddly antagonistic, with the quote and the about me...maybe I should change that. That would take effort though. Anyway, still live in the same part of the UK, so my catch-up story is not nearly as interesting as yours. I'm currently 18, so if you do the calculations, I obviously pulled a Shado type thing with that, and the great thing about old members is that only you and me will understand that exclusive veteran member reference. big_smile Anyway, you can imagine that pretty much everything would be different in that time. Like I now don't speak like an idiot. To an extent. tongue Also, I still only have one bronze medal after all this time. It's very depressing. D:

Anyway, that was very long, but I guess we're both just doing really well, and that's the great thing! Thanks for taking the time to pop in to check on us all. It does mean a lot to us that old members still take the time to do that. smile


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