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#4901 2017-08-08 08:16:39

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Yeah, that's right, you will! As you should. tongue You need to set a good example for para after all, since he really needs one. wink And may I say that you're doing a great job with not breaking the rules so far. big_smile

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#4902 2017-08-08 08:26:36

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

New page! I see no rules here.


#4903 2017-08-14 21:32:26

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Rule 1 - There are no rules.


#4904 2017-08-15 06:57:29

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Rule 2 - Rule 1 is a lie.


#4905 2017-08-17 14:46:34

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Rule 3 - Okay, technically I guess there ARE rules, but since you don't actually have to follow them, in essence, there are no rules. smile


#4906 2017-08-17 16:20:29

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Rule 4 - Rule 3 only applies as long as Admin isn't around. But when he's here, he'll unleash his wrath over everybody. tongue


#4907 2017-09-10 13:44:21

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Rule 34

Wait, ****
That's not what we're doing


#4908 2017-09-10 14:07:13

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Oh, it can be if you want, Kristina. tongue Quick, we need Littlegrey Rule 34, stat. Over 10 years and not a single ounce of LGN Rule 34 - that goes against everything that rule 34 is. Therefore, I propose some juicy rule 34 featuring me in the main role as the hunk I am. big_smile There's nothing sexier than a possibly murderous robot. Screamy should star in a secondary role, because rule 34 is nothing without some screams. Potato could probably star somehow...but he probably wouldn't be happy about what I'm thinking of. tongue And para won't appear, because he's not even good enough for rule 34. big_smile See, it'd be great. Rule 34 isn't even valid if rule 34 of something doesn't exist yet. That's what rule 35's for.

Anyway, this is all your fault, Kristina. You and your dirty mind. Shame on you. tongue


#4909 2017-09-10 16:46:07

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Yick. tongue


#4910 2017-09-20 01:42:18

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

You mean yum. wink

*fruitcakes away*


#4911 2017-09-28 01:53:16

Re: Fruitcake Lounge


#4912 2017-12-01 10:43:38

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Alright, how've y'all been? I'm alright. Posted a question here.
Just wondered if it would be noticed when I didn't post anymore.
Apparently it hasn't.

Living together with girlfriend for a year, bought a new(er) car, got a cat, bought a moped, moved my workstation at work, car had some niggles, cat had your average veterinary stuff, played with the oily bits of my moped, and that's about it...


#4913 2017-12-01 12:49:59

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Why would you assume we didn't notice you weren't posting? Because there's no big stickied "Wheelnut's gone missing" thread? tongue The way I see it, it would just be annoying if we were all constantly pestering you about why you don't post. I imagine all the people who have disappeared over the years just have better things to do than counting all day. big_smile But yeah, it's entirely up to you how active you are around here, and if you're too busy or unable to post, you should absolutely be able to make that choice to take a break if you want. It's definitely more important to focus on real life, after all. A fore-warning is always preferable though. It's scary when people just vanish without any explanation. sad Still, it's great that you've popped back in to let us know what's been going on. It's like what everyone always said - you can never truly leave Littlegrey. Always finds its way back. tongue

It sounds like you've done fantastically in the last year. See, you don't need us. big_smile It's nice that you got a cat - a lot of people I know seem to be getting cats recently for some reason. Cats are a great source of love and happiness from my experience, so hopefully the same goes for yours. smile What type of cat are they? Would be interesting to know. But yeah, it's great that you've taken the time to come back and update us. It is genuinely fascinating hearing from you - I always remember you as the member who had the most info and stories to share. I never want it to seem like I take anyone on the forums for granted - I'm extremely thankful for everyone who sticks around here. Maybe I should make a big thread for missing users after all. big_smile

I'm afraid that, in response to your question about Admin, we don't have any more answers then you. He just disappeared without any explanation after that last DYOG post. We all eagerly await his return if it'll happen, but this has definitely been his longest break ever. We don't let that get us down though - he'll either come back or he won't, I guess, but we can keep counting regardless. Of course, that doesn't help the issue of DYOG being devoid of any new games...we can only hope Admin is alright and doing fine, whatever may be happening. Could just be that he finally got sick of this place and abandoned us, but I can't imagine him doing something like that without at least a warning...so it's hard to say what may be going on. I choose to remain hopeful though. I've seen it many times on the internet where someone has seemingly disappeared forever and then unexpectedly returns many months or even years later. Heck, you proved that just now! You disappeared without a trace for a year, and then returned to tell us you're doing better than ever! So there's always a chance. smile


#4914 2017-12-04 10:18:04

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Well, Potato stated "he ded", but I don't know whether to take that seriously.
And I did leave because all I did was post a single number every day. That gets old fast when you're not allowed to post "special" numbers, because they're "spoken for" for some reason.

Our cat's a mix between a siberian forest cat (dad), and a maine coon/ turkish van mix (mom). Half-long hair.
She's black tabby on top, white underneath, with a sort of sleave on one forearm (for lack of a better word), a black spot on one leg, and sort of an "ace of spades" on her back, between her shoulders.
She's a cute cat, but we've spoiled her a little bit.

Glad to see the rest of you are doing okay.


#4915 2017-12-04 13:48:12

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Aw, Wheelnut, I think you're really misunderstanding the atmosphere of the Count to a Million thread. There's really no pressure about taking specific numbers or whatnot - it's all just a bit of lighthearted, friendly fun. You shouldn't feel like you can't participate because of some jokes, and I apologise if we've made you feel that way. Just participate in the thread in the way that makes you feel happy, and don't let things we say get to you. We're all friends here. smile Also, Potato was not serious, no. Although theoretically, if that had happened, there's no way we would know, so it's possible. That's the worst case scenario though of course, and I'd discount it as a serious possibility.

Whoa, that's a unique-sounding cat. All sorts of different features! big_smile That's one of the most interesting cat descriptions I've ever seen. Or could just be that it's really detailed. Mine was just black-furred all over, so that's probably why my expectations were low. Nevertheless, sounds lovely! I'm sure she's not super spoiled - if you ask me, there's no such thing as spoiling a cat! They deserve all the love in the world. big_smile Depending on how spoiled she is, I guess. Maybe if you were buying her lavish playhouses carved out of gold, that might be a bit over the top. Maybe. tongue

Thanks, glad you're okay too! smile

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#4916 2017-12-11 10:46:00

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Detailed? I could describe even more of her markings, but for length's sake I didn't.

She's not that spoiled, but she's still a little princess. It's almost impossible to say no when she's begging for a piece of whatever's on your plate...

There's snow outside. Riding a bicycle through it is not as fun as it sounds.
I'll do it again tomorrow.

The other day, while looking online at cars for sale (just for fun), I came across a 30-year-old suzuki which' plates said "SL-33-TS". "Sleets" (pr: slates) means something like "at the point of wearing out", or "run down"...


#4917 2017-12-24 08:55:16

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Happy holidays from the Netherlands!


#4918 2017-12-24 14:41:13

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Thanks! And happy holidays from the UK as well! Now we just need some love from Canada from Para or Screamy and the US from Potato and we'll be set. big_smile


#4919 2017-12-26 11:34:07

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Merry late christmas from Texas, USA!


#4920 2017-12-28 14:23:45

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

An even later Merry Christmas wish from me! Ofcourse once more from the Netherlands. smile


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