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#121 2016-11-26 06:32:53

Re: Text Adventuring

Well, perhaps you won't have to. I'm gonna try my absolute hardest to get this next part up today. Probably not very re-assuring anyway considering the last part was a month ago, but you know, better than nothing. I'm famous for my lateness, after all. big_smile

EDIT: Oh, and if you see this before I put up the next bit, I'd like to apologise for if you saw that I had posted in this thread and thought that I had finally updated. tongue

EDIT 2: It's half done - definitely definitely tomorrow. How's that? tongue

EDIT 3: Okay, minus a definitely from that, and add it to me saying now that it'll probably be tomorrow instead. One of these days, I'll be right. The day when I stop editing this post will be when all hope is lost. big_smile

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#122 2016-11-28 21:40:29

Re: Text Adventuring

Edit 4: Robot's lost his microchip


#123 2016-11-29 10:37:40

Re: Text Adventuring

I have an idea about the window, but I'll wait for the next installment before commanding.


#124 2017-08-01 14:00:15

Re: Text Adventuring

Did we lose our texting machine?


#125 2017-08-01 17:52:36

Re: Text Adventuring

Yeah, uh, I'd like to note that I wasn't really able to continue this. tongue I had some great plans for the future of it though, which I only vaguely remember at this point...

Anyway, I'm clearly awful at this. Main problem was that I had a far too ambitious idea at a time when I was too busy to keep up with it. So if someone else really wants to take over with another adventure, be my guest. And learn from my mistakes. big_smile


#126 2017-08-01 21:14:09

Re: Text Adventuring

So how WERE we supposed to get out of the office?


#127 2017-08-02 09:32:19

Re: Text Adventuring

I believe there was going to be something in the safe to assist you with your escape. The code for it was going to be in the employee records (although it wouldn't have said "THIS IS THE CODE", it would've just been another number to try, although I planned on there being consequences for if you inputted too many codes), which you were about to get to since Wheelnut had entered the command to examine them. But even when you escaped the office, that wouldn't have been the end - that was more like a sub-goal, and escaping the entire building was going to be the goal, although I was planning on letting someone else have a go with a text adventure to break it up if necessary. Anyway, I was planning on there being a bunch more stuff after that, mainly meeting up with the other employees that I had mentioned, because I thought it'd be interesting to experiment with character interaction in this format. And then I was going to have one of them be the evil person responsible for the whole mess and you'd have to figure out who. Anyway, yeah, it was a bit much. Like I said, if I did it again, I'd definitely start with something much simpler. tongue


#128 2017-08-02 22:03:05

Re: Text Adventuring

There were definitely a good number of red herrings in there. Hard to catch without a net!


#129 2017-08-02 23:09:08

Re: Text Adventuring

Well, that's the point, right? Shouldn't be too easy. tongue Some of them were supposed to be hints, like the thing with the plants, and others were just random things I put there to see what you'd do with them. See, I thought it through. If I had been able to finish it, it could've been great. big_smile


#130 2017-08-04 09:49:25

Re: Text Adventuring

Insanely great!

... meaning it would have driven all to insanity.


#131 2017-08-04 11:59:15

Re: Text Adventuring

That's the plan! wink


#132 2017-12-11 10:50:01

Re: Text Adventuring

So, does anybody still want to play?
I've thought about the beginnings of a Harry Potter-ish type adventure, but I haven't quite completed it.


#133 2017-12-11 11:20:52

Re: Text Adventuring

Oh yes, absolutely! I'd be all for another one of these text adventures! I was really disappointed that this thread died, because there's definitely a lot of potential for this idea. Although I guess it was my fault it died in the first place, so...my bad. Apparently, we just need to never ever entrust me with the host role. big_smile Or at the very least, I'll make mine simpler next time. Or more planned out in advance. Or something.

ANYWAY, yeah, as soon as you feel ready with your adventure, I'd love to participate. smile


#134 2017-12-13 18:12:19

Re: Text Adventuring

Oh neat, I didn't even know this idea was floating around.


#135 2017-12-18 10:38:41

Re: Text Adventuring

Alright, I'll work out the story and settings a little bit.
It will involve spell casting, and I'm hoping to work out a battle sequence if I can.


#136 2017-12-20 20:42:49

Re: Text Adventuring

Dude, if you want to run one like this I will make a distinct effort to be involved, that could be sick. smile


#137 2017-12-20 22:26:04

Re: Text Adventuring

Simpler, yes.



#138 2017-12-24 09:34:15

Re: Text Adventuring

I haven't quite had time to think about things and put anything on paper,
but I think I've figured out the first room well enough to make a go of it:

You wake up in a room, your head pounding.
You remember attending an introductory weekend at a prestigious wizarding university,
along with a small number of other potential students.
Some time during the first evening, when you, your classmates to be, and some of the school staff were
having a banquet in the school's great hall, the school suddenly got overrun and occupied by an army of orcs.
Early on in the commotion, you got knocked out, and were apparently dumped in one of the dorm rooms.
You don't know what became of the other students, or the teachers that were present at the banquet.

You sit up on the single person bed you were lying on, and look around the room.
Opposite the bed you're now sitting on is a tall, two-door armoire.
To your left is a small desk with some papers on it, along with some writing paraphernalia and an unlit candle.
To your right is a wooden door.
Next to the headboard of the bed is a night stand with some sporting goods on top of it.
The room is lit by a lantern hanging from the ceiling. You feel a draft.


Known spells (wand needed):

You are inside a dorm room.

That should hold you over for a week, shouldn't it?
I'll be back to check on progress either december 31st, or januari 1st. Maybe 2nd.
Until then, happy holidays!


#139 2017-12-24 14:29:25

Re: Text Adventuring

Oh my, oh my, so many things I could do! I guess I'll try and just do a few of the commands I'm most interested in and leave some for everyone else. big_smile

Dang, we need to find this wand as soon as possible so we can start casting pretty, magical spells!

> Examine armoire
> Examine nightstand
> Examine papers on desk (could be something written on them)
> Examine self (wouldn't be surprised if the wand was just in our pocket or something tongue )
> Attempt to open wooden door
> Look under the bed

That's what stands out to me the most. I think there's still plenty of things you guys could do though. big_smile Plus that'll keep me covered for the next week or so until Wheelnut updates. Also, I'm really annoyed that I didn't finish my last adventure, looking back at it. It was coming along so well. D:


#140 2017-12-25 11:19:50

Re: Text Adventuring

I dunno Robot, you got pretty much everything I was thinking as well, except

> Put on sporting goods for protection from orcs.


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