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#1 2018-03-26 17:36:57

I've always been lurking

Whenever I think about playing minecraft with all of you guys makes me really miss it. I usually check up on the forums about once a week or so just to see if there are any new developments, but I thought I should maybe post more, so here is my "Hello" smile

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#2 2018-03-27 07:39:06

Re: I've always been lurking

Aw. It's nice to know you haven't forgotten this place. smile I miss the old Minecraft days too, but unfortunately, even if we did get something going, I'd probably be far too busy to maintain anything consistent on there, so it might be that those days are behind us. sad Thanks for taking the time to say hello again, that's always heartwarming to see that people are still around. big_smile


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