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#4961 2018-03-06 19:10:21

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Wheelnut wrote:

I have no difficulties pronouncing German names...

Wasn't it Brett who made that breakout game with all our profile pics?

Ha! I forgot about that but you're right it was. It was for his computer programming class in highschool. He also made a frogger style game with his teachers face

He's still alright lol he doesn't make as many cakes as he used to though wink he almost set my kitchen on fire making spaghetti though so the fact I won't let him in there might have something to do with it...

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#4962 2018-03-06 23:07:56

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

quarter century mark? Holy crap, I can't remember that! That was nearly... uh... oh crap, I'm closer to the double quarter century mark because the quarter century mark was nearly a quarter century ago! Who invented this crap?


#4963 2018-03-07 15:30:57

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I think they call the double quarter a half these days. Also, proof that para's far more ancient than all of the rest of us. tongue

Haha, that's great, Kristina! Well, not the part where the kitchen almost burned down, but the rest of it. Good times! big_smile


#4964 2018-03-08 18:47:39

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I feel like I need to reconnect better with the folks here. I'm not even sure how long I went without visiting but I know it was a bloody long time. In SH!! Admin Says, Wheelnut said "I did miss having a place to share things in my life. There's really nobody else I can tell things to..." and while it's nice being here again and talking it would be nicer to catch up properly and get a bit more community..y.

So please tell me more about what's going on with you all?

Going back a while I remember I told you all about the stem cell donation I did in 2015 which was a whole big crazy amazing thing. At that point I'd been working at my old job for under a year and didn't totally hate it yet. During that year I also trashed my knee playing football when I pushed off to go right and my entire body did.. except my left knee which went left.

By October/November that year my depression had returned so that's something I had to learn to deal with. I also developed some anxiety issues and all of that whole mess tends to come and go.

In April and then October 2016 I got to see my favourite band (and basically favourite thing in the entire world) Explosions in the Sky live, which I still don't have the words to describe. The first time I cried so much from sheer happiness and emotion that it made the friend who went with me cry a bit too.

NYE 2016 I spent in Edinburgh with friends and we watched the fireworks from the crags overlooking the city which was awesome.

February 2017 I started a blog with the intention of externalising all the **** in my head, which helped my mental health considerably, and shared it on Facebook for all to see. I received an amazing and incredibly supportive response, and having posted a lot about mental health I've also had people tell me it helped them in various ways too, which is more than I'd ever hoped for. It's very weird to be having a conversation with someone, though, and have them say they're already aware of something I'm telling them because they've read the blog, meaning I have to adjust to them actually knowing way more about me than I thought!
The link is here if anyone wants to read some of it. Please don't feel in any way obligated to take a look, tell me that you did, or anything like that. It's just here in case you want to read it, and if you do and want to talk about it I think it's safe to say I'm very open to it! Your call though, I still can't quite wrap my head around people not being bored **** by it.

In August I went part time at my old job and then in October I left completely, both of which did wonders for my general happiness and wellbeing. In December I became self-employed and started working as a statistician for a friend of mine which has been interesting. Long term though I'm looking for full time employment doing something I actually like/want to do.

In non-chronological land:

I've continued to work at Glastonbudget music festival. A search of the forums showed that I've mentioned it before but at that point the festival was rather tiny and I was just a steward - these days I'm in charge of all the stewards and have a couple of managers underneath me too! And we get around/above 10k people each year. The search also brought my to this thread which was very nostalgic with respect to older members. And made me a little sad when I saw Turtle amongst them. I may be seeing Absinthe later this year in which case I'll get a photo of us with the shirt (which I still have... somewhere...).

I was in a band for a while and we played some gigs around the city. Sadly that ended but I did later get my first ever paid gig which was seriously cool! I now mostly play cajon and jam on occasion, including the volunteers' 'secret stage' at Glastonbudget.

I don't think I've visited any new countries but a few trips to Spain, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Austria never go amiss.

My home team Leicester City won the Premier League in what's surely the most unlikely underdog story of all time. A 12 hour bender ensued.

Several of my friends had babies and I did some visiting of them over the last few months which was really special. Seeing the most careless man I've ever met being so delicate with his son was weird but so amazing to see. I also got a friend's breast milk on my hand but c'est la vie.

I started trying to dress well and now my wardrobe is too small and I have over 20 pairs of shoes. I mentioned to potato in Ct1M that I've been working on my cooking skillz and I'll make a post with some general tips and whatnot, along with my very own personally developed chili recipe. The next step is starting to exercise again but it's bloody cold at the moment so sod that.

I think that'll about do it for now. I would really love to get updates from you guys.


#4965 2018-03-08 18:50:54

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Double post because ***** you all - did you guys make a big deal out of it when Ct1M passed a million views? That's insane.


#4966 2018-03-08 20:58:50

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Count to a million passed a million views! GUYS, WE DID IT, REACHED A MILLION! Time to pack up our bags, close it all down, we're done here. tongue Can't believe I never noticed that - that really is pretty awesome! Although it makes sense, seeing as it's one of the oldest and most active threads. Still impressive though!

Anyway, in regards to your other message, I strongly agree that it would be awesome to chat with you guys more and keep on catching up with things. I love the idea of anything that helps strengthen our little community here further. smile

Wow, huge thanks for taking the time to write out so much! It's genuinely fascinating to hear more about other members and what they've been up to, even if I don't always show that. I really appreciate all of the updates you've provided for us, even after so many years. This is the sort of stuff I love to hear - nearly 3 years ago now (geez, time flies!), I did attempt to get in touch with many older and inactive LGN members with the intent of getting them to update us on things just like you have here, but unfortunately only a few people got back to me. Still, I was happy to hear from anyone, just like now. It's always good to know there's more to the people on here than just a bunch of nutters posting numbers. tongue

There's a lot of things I could respond to here, but I will say I took an extensive look at your blog most of all - I know you said there was no obligation to do so and such, but hey, I was far from against finding out more about a longtime LGN member. It's certainly very difficult to associate what I read there as being the same person from this forum, but I guess that makes sense - to say I know you in any sizeable manner just from some forum posts would be silly. But I'm really glad I took some time to read over that. I'm not really sure what to say, because it's a lot to take in at once, and I had a lot of different feelings throughout, from heavily relating to completely disagreeing.

Responding to literally every single thing I read would take a crazy amount of time, as much as I'd love to discuss it further. But I will say it was very much worth reading in my eyes - I know you say you don't understand how people wouldn't be completely bored by it so it's kind of hard to explain, but it was sort of therapeutic in a way, and it made me think about a lot of things. It's great to hear that writing it has helped you and your mental health - just writing these things out can help so much, and the fact that you stuck with it and committed to it so well is an achievement in itself and demonstrates some level of dedication on your part to continue improving. I'm honestly, genuinely happy you're here with us and decided to keep seeing things through despite how difficult it may be - I think that's very much a good thing. Anyway, I'm not sure how well I'm getting my thoughts down here, I've just written what feels right - I mean, I'm a whippersnapper 18 year old, so what do I know? I just thought it was important to get something across about what I'd read.

All in all, again, I'm really happy to hear more about what you've been up to these last few years! I'm not sure that I have anything to comment on specifically, but it generally sounds like you've been doing some great, fulfilling things, which is really fantastic - seeing your favourite band, the stem cell donation (wow!), leaving the job you hated, getting to play some gigs, and of course Leicester City winning. I don't generally follow football, but even I couldn't stay away from that. tongue But yeah, it's so nice to hear about so many positive things that have happened in your life! Exercise sounds good too, although the coldness issue is understandable - I've been talking with people about how pretty much everywhere in the UK was getting loads of snow the past couple weeks or so except for here. And it sucked because it was still cold, except without the pretty snowfall. D:

Also, you've mentioned that before, but it's so cool to hear you might be meeting up with Absinthe! I hope that ends up happening, that'd be awesome!

I would like to follow this up with updates on myself like you asked, but unfortunately I'm really boring so there's not much to follow up with. I already told you about the Computer Science thing...I mean, currently, I'm really happy with how my 2018 has started. I'm getting involved in lots of things and communities and talking with lots of people and I feel like things are going pretty well for me in most areas. It's a nice change from last year where I felt like I barely did anything. The thing that sucks though is that I'm super busy with work at this point of course, so I don't have nearly as much time as I want to focus on all of these things, which is really annoying for me. I'd like to blame that as being the reason why I'm up at such a ridiculous time. big_smile Although poor sleep schedule is one of my problems I should really work on...but I've been saying that to myself for a while. Huh. Maybe we should just turn the Fruitcake Lounge into some sort of weird support group. tongue


#4967 2018-03-10 11:22:56

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I remember you saying you'd contacted some others. People just move on, it's a shame but a fact of life we have to accept. And make the most of those we still have!

Thanks for your words about the blog. It's been so therapeutic to write it and I'd really recommend it to anyone - there's no need to make it public as I have, but getting thoughts down on paper or a screen really does help to get them outside of your head. It kind of stops them being stuck in there and festering.
A lot of what I've put is also trying to put into words things that are hard to express or explain. It's kind of a thought exercise and forces me to dig a bit deeper into how I think and feel about things as well as the reality of them. It might be hard to comment on but that kind of thing comes with experience. The things I've been through I can use to help other people, and over time that's something you'll be able to do too. In the meantime I think you'd be surprised how much people will value your thoughts and stories even if they don't seem so important or interesting to you!

I'm amazed anywhere escaped the snow! We actually had a relatively very small amount (maybe 4-6 inches on my street?) but I thought it was countrywide.

Glad to hear your year's started well. Mine's been a bit of a mixed bag but on the whole I shouldn't complain. My goal for the rest of the year has to be to keep moving forward with my life step by step. The aforementioned exercise, find / take steps towards a career, then get a new place to live. It gets kind of weird once you're out of education and there's no path to follow any more, but you've got plenty of time before then.


#4968 2018-03-11 20:12:58

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Yeah, it's unfortunate. cynnicysm did warn me himself not to expect them to make some grand return or anything, and it was disappointing not to get a reply from everyone, but it was still cool to get responses back from the people I did. I'd say it was worth it for the few people who did get back to me and updated us on how things were going. It was so good to hear from them again. The biggest disappointment was probably ShadoCrytr - he actually did promise to make a grand return when I contacted him, but then never did, which was a shame. D:

I'm really glad it helps you - I've tried to do similar things before, although not publicly, however they always tend to fall by the wayside, which is why I'm impressed you still update it. It's a bit like a New Years Resolution where people say they'll do something and then don't. Except you actually stuck with it! So that's great.
Yeah, I get that. It is weird how our thoughts can be so complex that translating them into actual words can sometimes feel daunting. But I'm sure looking into it more thoroughly can help you understand them better. And yeah, I do value the thoughts and comments of people more experienced than me. The way I see it, I'd never grow as a person if I never considered anyone else's viewpoints, and so it felt very intriguing to read through some of the things you had to say in detail. It gave me a lot to think about.

Haha, yeah, that's what my friend said too. This isn't the first time this has happened either - I just live in a terrible part of the country where I always have to suffer watching the news say how "THERE'S SNOW ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY" and I just solemnly look at the zero snow outside my window. D:

It's good to hear you have some goals you want to achieve. Yeah, it'll be weird once I'm out of education since that's pretty much what I've been used to my entire life, but hopefully I'll get by! smile


#4969 2018-03-13 12:33:05

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

It's fallen by the wayside for me too at times. I think the reason I managed 28 days straight the first time was because it was still new and I had a lot to say, then it failed the second time because neither of those things were true. I still post occasionally just because I want to. So it's not a case of managing to stick at it, it's just something I want to do!

We generally get very little to no snow here as we're in an old volcanic crater and that apparently has a big effect on it, which is why I'm so surprised that someone else didn't get it considering we did.
With that said I went up to Edinburgh in November for 2 days and while we were up there it snowed in Leicester and around but not in Edinburgh, which was a pretty coincidental escape.


#4970 2018-03-13 13:18:16

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Ah, I see. Well, wanting to do it is better than never having any drive to do it I suppose! I certainly wouldn't criticise you for not keeping it up the second time either - no need to force it if it's not really necessary. But it's good that you still make occasional posts. Better than abandoning it entirely, is what I mean.

Yeah, everyone's always surprised when I tell them I got nothing. At least I can say that makes me unique, I guess. tongue
Haha, that's interesting. It's funny when stuff like that happens. big_smile


#4971 2018-03-13 18:04:20

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I'm obsessively checking the courier tracker for some shoes I ordered from New Zealand.

It's a hard life.


#4972 2018-03-29 17:15:07

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

What is so special about these shoes that you had to order them from New Zealand? Or was it just happenstance that the shoes you wanted were being made and shipped from New Zealand?


#4973 2018-03-30 17:30:40

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

My favourite band collaborated with an American shoe company. I got a pair of one kind (from America) a couple of months back but I saw images of a better version they did too... and literally the only seller I could find was in NZ!
They arrived yesterday and I'm delighted!


#4974 2018-04-01 06:09:19

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I've had the pack in my hands multiple times, but I've always decided against purchasing, because of lack of necessity.
Yesterday I came across it again, and I've finally bought BENNY!


Also, happy Easter!

Last edited by Wheelnut (2018-04-01 06:09:39)


#4975 2018-04-01 22:07:41

Re: Fruitcake Lounge


Hey! I had the original! That was funny to see in that movie.

Edinburgh! I'm going to be there next March when I travel across the pond! Excited!


#4976 2018-04-04 10:54:16

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I haven't seen the Lego Movie but boy is that the happiest Lego figure I've ever seen!

Para, do you have plans of what you want see/do while you're there? The city itself is quite compact so with a spot of planning you can really get around it even in just a couple of days.

Are you visiting anywhere else on our fair isles?


#4977 2018-04-15 06:51:17

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Any thoughts on the Unihertz Jelly?

I don't need one now, and it's not quite on the market yet, but I'm seeing my next smartphone.
I just don't want a large phone pressing into my thigh every time I sit down or ride a bike, when all I really "need" it for is sending Whatsapp messages.

Unfortunately, the current definition of "compact" is about 5" diagonally, which is my definition of "quite large". I just can't fathom why anyone would need anything larger. Perhaps it's handy for when you need to send a lot of emails via your phone, or convenient when you watch a lot of video's online, but I find it bothersomely huge. How do people carry these around?

My previous phone had a 3,5" screen, and I thought that was perfectly sized. Fit into my front pocket, large enough to type messages, or look up things online. Why don't people make that size phone anymore?


#4978 2018-04-23 11:02:21

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Nothing? Really?

It's already on the market, by the way. Since August '17. I thought it was '18...


#4979 2018-04-25 20:37:59

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Personally, I'm waiting until I can switch back to my flip phone. I don't even have my phone with me most of the time anymore...


#4980 2018-04-26 11:00:50

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Heh, this phone discussion is surprisingly relevant for me actually. tongue Contrary to you guys, I use my phone quite a lot, and just yesterday I broke it, so I've been without a phone all day today and it's been the worst thing ever in all of history. D: I never took myself for the type of person to use my phone a lot, but it was today I realised that I apparently am!

I generally don't mind size, although I have seen some pretty ridiculously large phones recently so I guess that's a thing. lol But I normally don't have a problem with that, and can just slip it into my pocket and forget about it until I need it. So I don't really mind size, but that Jelly DOES look very smooth and pretty, so it has that going for it. big_smile


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