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#4981 2018-04-27 11:07:47

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

If I could go back to a prepaid flip phone, I would, but it's just a lot cheaper to send a whole bunch of messages through the interweb data than sending them through SMS texting.

My current plan lets me divide 500 units between phoning (1 unit per minute), texting ( 1 unit per text), and internet data (1 unit per MB). I've used up about 3 mb's worth of Whatsapp messages last month. In texts, thats... erm... I haven't counted. I think it's well over 100, perhaps 200, perhaps more. I don't know.

In prepay costs, that number of texts would cost me more than I pay now.
In mobile data costs, the number of mb's  would cost me more than I pay now.
Getting a plan with unlimited texts (which would also come with an amount of data), would cost me more than I pay now.
I could also get a cheaper plan with another provider, but I would get a set amount of calling minutes, a set amount of text messages, and a set amount of mobile mb's.
I probably won't use any of it, but the thought that I can vary my usage without penalty is comforting.

Something like the LG wine would be cool. Or the Jelly. Something that would fit in my pockets.

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#4982 2018-05-01 18:23:51

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I actually made the transition from my old, non internet, phone to a smart phone like a year ago, and still just have prepaid on it. It was almost daily that someone told me I was the last person they came across to not have a smart phone.
Pretty much felt obligated to get a smart phone cause almost noone cares for sms texting or simple phone calls to have a little talk. Not to mention that everyone expects you to have internet accessibility when you are out and about to look up changes in schedules or information or whatever. Since I still don't have a data plan I rely on free wifi spots, or wait and read the whatsapp messages once I get home.


#4983 2018-05-07 10:55:21

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I think you misunderstood.

My peeve is not with the concept of the smart phone, or the subscription costs.
It's the large size of even the "smallest" modern phones.


#4984 2018-05-07 18:21:52

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I see. It's true; we almost have to carry fanny bags since these phones can't fit in our pockets. Not to mention that the old phones were much sturdier, not cracking or breaking when dropping out of pockets. I managed to leave my old nokia phone behind in the washing machine twice before it wouldn't start anymore.


#4985 2018-05-08 10:08:56

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I'm waiting for the day that everyone goes '90s style, using a belt-clip to hang their bricks from the waist band of their pants...


#4986 2018-06-24 07:09:29

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Alrighty then! Since nobody asked, here's a "Real Twinky vs Knock-off" test!


Alright, here's the boxes.
Biggest difference between the two: The number of cakes per box.
10 Twinkies vs 5 Flurries.
There's no mascot on the Flurry box, but the image of the cake looks pretty similar to the Twinky.


The individual wrapper. A see-through plastic wrapper covered in manufacturer's logo's for the Twinky, 
versus a copy of the box they came in for the Flurry. The wrapper is silver foil coloured inside.


Now for the cakes themselves. They look pretty similar unwrapped. There's a small difference in proportion, as the Flurry is a bit shorter and wider than the Twinky.


The differences between the two become more apparent when I slice the cakes open, revealing the creamy filling inside.
The Twinky has been filled quite consistently, being filled almost all the way front to back, while the Flurry only has a few pockets of creamy goodness.
As far as my experience goes, Twinkies always have the same degree of filling, while the Flurry has more or less filling, depending on the individual specimen. The one on the photo is particularly bad.


While the snacks may look similar, the consistency of the cake is a little different, and so is the cream filling.
The Flurry's cake is a little denser than the Twinky's, and appears to be a little more moist. There's also a slight hint of coconut flavour to the Flurry, that the Twinky has not.
The cream inside the Flurry has a more buttery feel to it, while the Twinky's has more of a sugary, molten marshmallow sensation. I'm not sure how to describe it. Sticky whipped cream?
The taste of the cream isn't descernably different to my untrained taste buds.


While there are some differences between the two, there isn't really a reason to call the Flurry a bad product. Other than perhaps the lack of filling in some cakes.
Based on flavour and texture, my favourite would be the real deal, but taking price and availability into account, the Flurry wins hands-down.
You see, due to import costs, real Twinkies are quite expensive here in Holland, and only available at a certain chain of specialized candy stores. And even then not every store has them in stock.
The box I bought cost a whopping 9,50, while the Flurries, available at a certain chain of low-budget household items store, cost only 0,97 per box. Or 1,94 for the same amount of cakes. In every store.
The slight differences in quality do not warrant the additional cost for me, and having had the opportunity to test them side by side, I'm quite content in having the cheaper Flurries instead.



#4987 2018-07-04 21:50:45

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I generally don't mind size

Heh that's what she said

Sorry guys I wish I could contribute a bit more to the conversation but I sorta skimmed all the posts that I hadn't seen yet and just couldn't help myself and needed to make this one 😂


#4988 2018-07-05 08:11:02

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I totally meant to respond to Wheely's post before but forgot.

I've tried a Twinkie before and I really didn't get it. Crap sponge with boring cream stuff in it...
Given how much of a pop culture thing they are in the US I'd assumed there was, y'know, something to them that made them special. Nothing ridiculous, just a taste or texture that made them stand out. Noop.

They're actually really easy to find over here as most of our big chain supermarkets have entire aisles dedicated to foreign foods (especially where I am as there are such large Asian/Caribbean/Eastern European populations) including American ones like confectionery and cereal, so they're less expensive here than in the Netherlands. My local supermarket has packs of 2 for 1 each so 5 for the 10 Wheely got, which after a pathetic exchange rate calculation (oh how I ***** hate you Brexit) we'd be looking at 5.67. Not worth it at all in my opinion but better than 9.50!


#4989 2018-07-09 10:17:53

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Supermarkets sometimes have a shelf or two of foreign stuff, but this limits itself to a few drinks, and one or two food items. They're not entire isles, sadly.
I bought a jar of strawberry marshmallow fluff once. That stuff was horrible. Way too sweet, and too sticky to spread properly.


#4990 2018-07-12 13:36:45

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Yeah I'm not much of a fan of sweet foods so there isn't much of the American stuff that appeals. I might have a proper look next time I'm there but I think most of the items will be excessively sweet of salty - although not much as extreme as the marshmallow fluff!


#4991 2018-09-10 10:12:37

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I've 100%-ed Lego City Undercover on my Xbox! W00T!


#4992 2018-09-17 06:10:20

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

After a disappointing experience tryng to mirror android screens with a Chromecast, I discovered that I can just view anime's via Edge on my Xbox...


#4993 2018-09-18 14:19:10

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Ah, the old classic, putting in lots of time and effort to do something a certain way, only to find out there was a better solution available from the start...

Describes large portions of my life!


#4994 2018-09-27 09:05:20

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Back from vacation!

Went to Corfu, Greece with my girlfriend and her parents.
Roads were rubbish, but the views! It was great!

Bought some shirts, bought a hat, held a python...
Adventures galore!

Will post pictures if anybody's interested...


#4995 2018-09-27 09:08:14

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Yeah, go for it! I've never made it as far over as Greece.


#4996 2018-09-27 10:30:19

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Alright, maybe later.

But first, what the heck is everybody talking about???
(Talking about this: http://www.digyourowngrave.com/2017/tra … /#comments)

Does this mean that this site is ending?
Please, not another one. I still quite haven't gotten over Bitstrips ending...


#4997 2018-09-27 10:56:50

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

It's not a general topic I'm familiar with but don't domain ownerships have to be renewed periodically anyway? In which case that could easily happen before December...


#4998 2018-09-28 10:44:45

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Paradise Hotel, Gouvia, Corfu, Greece:
It's a great place to stay!

The view:

In one of the streets of Old Town in Corfu Town (Or Kerkyra, as it's known locally):

Beach view near Ipsos:

The water was incredibly clear!

Another great view:

A view of the ruined Byzantine Fortress in Kassiopi:
(Pronounced cass-ee-oh-pee, by the way)

Held a python, picture as proof:

Paliokastritsa bay:

Visited Empress Sissi's Corfiot palace, the Achilleon:
Yes, that litterally says "Achilleon" in Greek.

And a little usfie:

There's actually a lot more pictures, but I think this is a good summary.


#4999 2018-10-01 16:15:17

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Looks great! Kind of reminds me of Slovenia, just with a hotter climate. Lots of beautiful hills/mountains, forests and lakes. The water in Paliokastritsa bay is an amazing colour.


#5000 2018-10-03 09:42:55

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

My girlfriend thought so too, about the water.
I've never been to slovenia, so I'll have to take your word for it.


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