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#5001 2018-10-10 01:10:22

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Funny... I keep forgetting about the FCL!

Looks like a good time in Greece Wheelnut!

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#5002 2018-10-14 08:29:08

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

How can you forget? The Alien head in front of the shenanigans room lights up, doesn't it?

And yes, it was a good time.


#5003 2018-10-15 10:19:47

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

When the page loads on my laptop it only shows as far as the Conversation Room so unless I think of it and scroll down I won't see the lit up head.

Over the summer I only managed to get as far as Dartmoor which was just a lot of grassy hills and horrible weather!


#5004 2018-10-19 06:36:06

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

It seems to me you either have a really small laptop screen, or have the internet page zoomed in.


#5005 2018-10-19 14:32:44

Re: Fruitcake Lounge




#5006 2018-10-21 08:34:27

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Resolution, maybe?

It's more of a non-issue anyway...


#5007 2018-11-20 10:57:31

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I only just noticed that the header 'posts' (as per my screenshot above) has a lower case 'p'.

I'm really not okay with it.


#5008 2018-11-26 10:34:55

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Just write an upper case P on a sticky note, and stick it on your screen. Problem solved!


#5009 2018-12-31 02:23:40

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Well, oil balls, apple flaps, and non-alcoholic, peach flavoured, fizzy champagne replacement have been aquired, we're all set for new year's!

A happy and healthy 2019 to you!


#5010 2018-12-31 05:51:47

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Thanks Wheelnut! Wishing you a great new year too! smile


#5011 2019-01-01 07:55:18

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Happy new year Wheely.. and the rest of you.


#5012 2019-01-01 16:51:56

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Best of wishes to all you guys!


#5013 2019-01-30 19:20:04

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Happy belated new year!


#5014 2019-02-13 09:05:30

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

In today's episode of 'Facebook is creepy to an extent I can barely even comprehend', I've had two posts appear in my feed today about dizraeli releasing a new album. I've had literally nothing to do with him outside of these forums, and I think the only interaction since I've had this FB account is that single post he made in the ct1m thread recently.

It's insane.


#5015 2019-02-13 17:40:30

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Just know that they collect all kinds of personal information and sell it to marketing companies etc. You are the product.


#5016 2019-02-14 06:35:18

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

I was aware of that, but the extent of this example is insane. I've given my name before on here but my Fb account is in a slightly different name. There's a really circuitous route that's been taken to connect my Teflon Monkey account and my Facebook.


#5017 2019-02-15 01:24:52

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

That's most likely IP fuzzy-matching that's happening. They group up activity from same/similar IPs, and that's probably how the link was established.


#5018 2019-02-18 10:46:41

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Glad to be off Faceblegh then...

On a different topic (and to attempt to give you other FB ads you don't want):
I went to the annual motorcycle convention, and got to test ride a NIU N GT:


An electric motorscooter with a top "speed" of a whopping 70 km/h! (40-45-ish MPH)
Personally, I think that top is a little too low for it to be used as a true motorcycle, but it'd be great as an urban runabout.

This particular make boasts a long range, due to it's state-of-the-art battery packs, which can be taken out to charge in your home or office, or connected to a charger while still in the scooter.

Even though I only got to ride it for two short laps, I really liked it.
The ride was a bit ferm on short bumps, but it was smooth otherwise, very stable in the corners due to the 10kg (22lbs) battery being underneath the running board, and quick and constant acceleration, because electric motors have ALL of their torque, ALL of the time.

I'm planning to test ride a 25km version (means: no helmet) soon to see whether it rides the same, and maybe buy it if circumstances allow.


#5019 2019-02-21 11:17:41

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Jesus, how I missed this


#5020 2019-02-21 18:30:08

Re: Fruitcake Lounge

Hello Cartman! Good to see you as always! big_smile You could always stick around and help us count if you miss us so much, but that's just an offer. tongue

Also, glad you enjoyed that, Wheelnut! No personal interest, but sounds fun. tongue


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